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Zümrüt Kuloğlu lives with his father, mother and two sisters in the most bankrupt neighborhood of Nevşehir and works in the factory of Demirkans, one of the most powerful families of Central Anatolia. Zümrüt's mother Ülfet is a woman who constantly complains about her situation and is after plans to get rid of the disgraceful life they live by marrying her daughters with a good fortune. Zümrüt, on the one hand, tries to cope with his pressure, on the other hand, tries to hide the marriage proposal of Adil Demirkan, one of the heirs of the Demirkans, from his mother. However, Ülfet will find out about this and will resort to a thousand and one tricks to get his daughter to the wedding table. Emerald will resist despite everything. Because there is a secret that scorches your heart, she. Zümrüt is in love with Serhat, the grandson of Demirkans who was martyred in Syria. And this love turned to ashes.
Release Year : 2020
Actors : Ceren Yılmaz, Umut Karadağ, Alp Navruz, Ebrar Baba, Sebahat Kumaş
IMDB : 4.1
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