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The earthquake that took place in Demirkan Mansion that night shook all the stones in Umay's life. For Umay, who has endured the cruelty of her husband Affan for years for her children, this event was the last straw. She took her children and left the house. He took refuge in the village where he was born and grew up, in Eskitepe, with his older sister Sonay, with whom he was offended for a long time. The two brothers joined hands and left all resentment behind. It would put their lives in order. They would start the family heirloom dairy again, and they would live without interfering with anyone. But fate laughed when he was making servants. A man with a dark past and full of mystery appeared before them… Kürşat Eroğlu… He was injured. It was fugitive. They were very afraid of him before. But Kürşat fiercely protected Umay and her children against Affan's cruelty. He helped them get the dairy up and running. And the two sisters once again came to a great crossroads. Because everyone had big secrets in their past. And there was no secret that time did not reveal…
Release Year : 2021
Actors : Aslıhan Güner, Begüm Birgören, Barış Kılıç, Timur Acar, İrem Ece Başarır
IMDB : 6.5
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