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Yağmur is a smart, compassionate, loving young man who was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby… Melek is a stubborn, just and devoted young girl who dedicates her life to nature. The person who will unite these two hearts is none other than Melek's mother, Rukiye. Rukiye, who got angry with her eldest daughter and son-in-law and settled in a nursing home and loves Yağmur like her own son, makes various plans to get Melek and Yağmur married. But a twist of fate makes Rukiye's job easier. Because Rain; He fell in love at first sight with Melek, who grew up in a nursing home like an angel. With Rukiye leaving the nursing home, will Yağmur, who is also the protagonist of the Çekilmez family, be able to win the battle against Melek's uncle Necmettin's dreams of marrying Melek to his rich business partner? Despite all the intrigues surrounding Yağmur and Melek, will they come together or not, or will they be happy even if they come? It is hidden in the woven webs of destiny.
Release Year : 2018
Actors : Didem Balçın, Berkay Hardal, Gülper Özdemir, Oya Başar, Alihan Aracı
IMDB : 5.6
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