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When Kuzey and Yıldız were two teenagers in love and even engaged in their childhood, when they go to university in Kuzey Istanbul, he forgets about Yıldız and marries a woman he fell in love with. Kuzey, who left Yıldız, is abandoned by his wife after 20 years and has to return to the army penniless. He returns to Kuzey Ordu but no longer has a family in the country; because 20 years ago his family deleted him. Yıldız, on the other hand, could not recover for many years after the blow he received from Kuzey and did not marry. Now he is angry that Kuzey has come back as if nothing had happened, and he vows to send Kuzey back to Istanbul. Kuzey vows not to go, Yıldız not to forgive, and families not to reconcile.
Release Year : 2019
Actors : Aslıhan Güner, Zeynep Kankonde, İsmail Demirci, Toygan Avanoğlu, Cezmi Baskın
IMDB : 5.9
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