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When Şimal, the beautiful daughter of a traditionalist family from Artvin, wins the ceramics department, which has been her biggest dream since her childhood, her father does not want to send her to another city, especially to Istanbul. However, Şimal opposes his father for the first time and comes to Istanbul to study at university. She wants her family to be proud of her and to approve of her decisions. His greatest weakness in life is the memory of his mother, who died while giving birth to him, and whose name he bears. She has promised to dedicate her whole life to be worthy of him and her father. She keeps her word… Until the day of that invisible accident that happened to her. On that day, everything will change in the life of Şimal and his family.
Release Year : 2021
Actors : Sude Zülal Güler, Ümit Kantarcılar, Servet Pandur, Öykü Candanadam, Ali Haydar Çataltepe
IMDB : 4.9
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