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In a world that is rapidly polluted by money and greed, Ömer Commissioner, who has achieved great success in his relentless struggles with criminals, comes to Istanbul to get engaged to his girlfriend Sibel. Elif, who lives in Rome, comes to Istanbul to be with her family on her birthday. Ömer and Elif experience the pain of death on the same night. Ömer's girlfriend and Elif's father are murdered. Both are left alone with questions they can't answer. After a tense and prejudiced meeting, every clue they pursue crosses their paths. Ömer is determined to find Sibel's murderer and to clear the slanders against him. Elif, on the other hand, while living the most difficult moments of her life, confronts the fact that her father has a dark life contrary to what it seems. This will not be the first nor the last slap on Elif's face. Elif is about to get lost on the dark road full of dangers for her family.
Release Year : 2014
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IMDB : 7.5
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