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On the one hand, Leyla (Elçin Sangu), who has to organize the wedding of the man she was abandoned at the wedding table, on the other hand, Sarp (Ozan Dolunay), who hides the reason for her departure from everyone, and Melisa (Yasemin Allen), who dreams of marriage unaware of everything in the middle of the couple. The lives of these three people, who, by a twist of fate, are tied to each other, become so confused that it becomes impossible to get out of the business as they try to solve it... The TV series Good Days Bad Days will bring the knotty relationships of Leyla, Sarp and Melisa to the screen in an entertaining style.
Release Year : 2020
Actors : Sinan Albayrak, Derya Alabora, Elçin Sangu, Aksel Bonfil, Ozan Dolunay
IMDB : 6.1
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