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Ela's life changes completely in one day when the grandchildren of Atahan people, one of the famous families of Istanbul, are kidnapped. As he is dragged after the truth that brought him to the door of a luxury complex, life plays a completely different game this time. She is now a maid in this luxury complex called Cennet Konakları. As she gets to know different rich lives, she begins to see everyone's real faces. Moreover, just like the rich, the servants who work in their homes have secrets. Ela realizes that no one living here is innocent when the hidden secrets end up with the lost maid of Atahan. Hacer, Atiye and Çiçek are also part of what happened. Because on this site, maids clean not only the houses but also the "dirty" laundry that their bosses hide. As a matter of fact, nothing is as it seems in Cennet Konakları.
Release Year : 2020
Actors : Aleyna Solaker, Servet Pandur, Yiğit Kirazcı, Deniz Baysal, Özer Arslan
IMDB : 4.9
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