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Gülperi tells the story of a woman who risks everything to make her children call her a mother again. Having lost her husband, Gülperi is left alone with her three children. Gülperi also has to deal with the slander her husband has thrown on her family during this troubled process. The young woman comes to the point of losing her three children as a result of the slander thrown at her. Gülperi embarks on a difficult struggle to regain the hearts of her children, who are slipping away from them. Gülperi's biggest supporter is lawyer Kadir, who struggles to hear her children call her a mother again. Gülperi tries to overcome the difficulties thanks to Kadir, who supports her as she never expected during this process where she had to struggle alone.
Release Year : 2018
Actors : Nurgül Yeşilçay, Timuçin Esen, Tarık Papuççuoğlu, Ece Sükan, Burak Dakak
IMDB : 5.6
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