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Gülizar (25) lives in a poor neighborhood of İzmir with Suzan (40), to whom her mother entrusted her, music is very important to her and her biggest dream is to become a good singer one day. Suzan works in the pavilion run by Şerif, but Şerif's eyes are on Gülizar. He asks Suzan to bring Gülizar to the pavilion. Another problem of Gülizar is old Bahri Bey who wants to marry her. While Gülizar wants to get rid of these troubles in her head, her life changes in ways she cannot predict. Mehmet Rıfat, a rich businessman whose real father is the owner of milk-cheese factories, is on his deathbed, wants to see him and makes his will to live on their farm. Veysel's son, Murat, who is the housekeeper of the farm and who has known about Gülizar's existence for years, is hit by Gülizar from the moment she arrives at the farm, but there is a problem; He is engaged to Mehmet Rıfat's daughter Mine. While trying to reach her dreams on the farm, Gülizar will struggle with her past and new enemies, while at the same time she will be shaken by the love she feels for Murat.
Release Year : 2018
Actors : Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Berk Cankat, Ebru Cündübeyoğlu, Şerif Sezer, Berkay Ateş
IMDB : 5.6
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