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Ekim is a teenage high school girl living in a middle-class neighborhood. One morning, on his way to school, his life is shaken by a tragic event. In front of his eyes, his best friend Leyla is hit by a car and runs away. The car that hits him disappears, hiding inside a private school for rich kids near the neighborhood. While the neighbors demand justice, the school administration tries to soften the reactions by giving scholarships to three successful young people from the neighborhood. With October, Bekir and Ayşe also pass the exam, but they soon realize that their lives are about to get even harder. However, Ekim has no intention of letting go of those who confined his best friend to bed. There is only one thing he is sure of. The criminal is one of the rich and spoiled kids at school. While she is trying to break this dark veil of secret and ensure justice, her emotions will confuse her and her heart will be turned upside down.
Release Year : 2022
Actors : Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu, Berk Hakman, Burak Can, Ege Kökenli
IMDB : 6.6
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