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“Dokuz Oghuz” tells the story of the “Oguz Team” that will fight for the Turks wherever there are Turks. Colonel Tomris Toprak; He continued to work meticulously to establish the "Turkish World Emergency Response Team" and established the Oguz Team, consisting of the most distinguished soldiers. This unit, which is the apple of the eye of the Turkish Armed Forces, will fight for the Turks who are persecuted and persecuted all over the world. Captain Batur Dark, who is one of the most talented and brave officers of the Turkish Armed Forces, and the Contracted Privates, who were accepted to the “Oguz Team” at his request; Okan Demirkır and Yaşar Kayatürk, Lieutenant Yiğit Toygar, NCOs; Ercan Korkut, Umay Çolpan, Timur Gökay and Boran Delideniz take their oath. With the Oguz Team taking office, no Turk in the world is lonely anymore...
Release Year : 2023
Actors : Kubilay Aka, Yasemin Kay Allen, Dağhan Külegeç, Tuncer Salman, Deniz Işın
IMDB : 5.2
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