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Alper, who runs a restaurant, is a young man who has been betrayed by his loved ones all his life. Alper, who lost his wife as a result of a tragic accident, has closed himself to the outside world. One day, Leyla appears before him and his life changes in a way he never expected. While trying to escape her father's wrath, Leyla, who is dragged down the wrong path with the wrong man, has a child from this relationship. Life is not easy for Leyla, who is trying to hold on to life with her son, named Rüzgâr, and has faced many difficulties for this cause. Marrying Haşmet, whom she does not know very well, so that her son can lead a beautiful life, the wretched Leyla encounters the dark side of the man she married, which she never knew. Thanks to his determination and determination, Hasmet became a wealthy businessman and created everything he owned out of nothing. Knowing how to stand strong, Haşmet's only weakness in life is Leyla and her deep love for her. When Leyla learns the dark truth about Hasmet, she tries to escape from him. As a result of a coincidence, Leyla's path crosses with Alper. Now love is at the door for these two. Alper and Leyla, who find themselves in an unplanned emotional flood, are determined not to lose each other as easily as they found each other. While Leyla thinks that everything is fine and that she has made Haşmet lose her track, she suddenly finds him in front of her. The nightmare has started again. At that moment, he realizes that escaping from Haşmet will not be as easy as he thought, but it is not possible for him to return to him because his heart is in Alper. Haşmet will be the turning point in the lives of both Leyla and Alper in the story where we witness the struggle of two people in love.
Release Year : 2016
Actors : Kadir Doğulu, Seda Bakan, Mustafa Üstündağ, Mahperi Mertoğlu, Dolunay Soysert
IMDB : 5.8
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